How to Encourage Creativity in Your Child

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Children’s natural imagination needs to be nurtured and encouraged. It is also a good reminder to parents to remember their own creativity. Creativity is sometimes as simple or hard, as laughing at our mistakes. It just takes a little creativity to turn lemons into lemonade.

Below are four ways to encourage your child’s creativity:

  • Encourage curiosity and seeking answers. One of the best ways parents can respond to a child’s questions is by saying, “I don’t know. How could we find the answer?”

  • Don’t stifle and numb creativity with too many manufactured toys. Resist buying kids every accessory marketed with the latest movie or cartoon character, so they learn to be resourceful. Dolls are nifty, but kids don’t stretch their imagination when we supply every prop. Pre-assembled kits rob kids of chances to think on their own. Sometimes just sending the kids to play in the yard without any toys, is a great way to encourage their creativity. If they complain, tell them to “be creative or use your imagination.” Let them know creativity is important.

  • Value varying ideas and opinions. Encourage brainstorming by saying: “Well, that sure is one way of looking at it,” or “What a GOOD idea, I’ve never thought of that before. Let’s try it!”


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